Twin XL Mattress/Pillow Encasement Bundle


  • Twin XL 39 x 80 plus 2 Standard Pillow Protectors
  • 9"-11"


Everest Supply Bundle Order consists of 1 (one) Mattress Encasement Premium Plus:

Size: Twin XL (39″ x 80″)

Depth: 9″ (Fits 9″-12″).

Fits:  (9″-12″) mattress encasement.

2 (Two) standard size Premium Plus Quality Pillow Encasements :

Size: (20″ x 27″).

Total 3 items.

  • 1 mattress encasement Full (39″x80″) – 9″depth (fits 9″-12″) + 2 standard size pillow protectors/encasements = 3 total pieces!  100% Stretch Knitted Polyester Micro Filament Fabric. NO Vinyl.
  • Mattress encasement is PU Laminated on all six sides: Top, Bottom and all other four sides with 3 sided zipper makes it easy to install encasement on mattress by 1 person. Velcro patch at the zipper end of encasement prevents bedbugs from entering or escaping.
  • Pillow encasement has zipper on one side for easy handling & care of pillow. 100% polyester – NO VINYL. Standard size (20″ x 27″). Set of 2.
  • Mattress & pillow encasements both are 100% Bedbug Proof, Water resistant, Hypoallergenic & Machine Washable.
  • Hotels, motels, resorts, bed & breakfast, nursing homes, hospitals, homes, apartments, rentals & many more useful places

Additional information


Twin XL 39 x 80 plus 2 Standard Pillow Protectors



To ensure that your product is used most effectively, here are the installation steps for the mattress encasements:

  1. Purchase a mattress encasement per your mattress or sofa size requirements
  2. (optional, but highly recommended) Before use, machine wash your new product as per the CARE INSTRUCTIONS provided
  3. Remove any sheets or other accessories on your mattress/sleeper sofa.
  4. Apply your new mattress/sleeper sofa encasement to your mattress or sofa. Be sure to zip up the sides and apply the velcro patch over the zipper. Add any of your mattress accessories such as a mattress topper and your sheets over the encasement.


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