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  • EVEREST Soap Bars Individually wrapped.
  • LIGHTLY SCENTED AND MADE OF COCONUT OIL (cocos nucifera oil) AS WELL AS OTHER GENTLE INGREDIENTS. SIZE: Small enough for your travel bag, TSA friendly, efficient to last several uses.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY AND INDUSTRY SETTINGS: Airbnb hosts, hotel/motels, guests, bed and breakfasts, summer camps, bathrooms, restaurants, salons, colleges, camping lodges, travelers, gyms, frequent travel.
  • HOLIDAY AND CHARITY GIFTS: Ideal for donating to non-profits, charities, shelters, and gift boxes.

Additional information

Weight (gm/oz)

15 gm / 0.53 oz, 22 gm / 0.78 oz, 28 gm / 1.00 oz, 42.5 gm / 1.5 oz

To ensure that your product is used most effectively, here are the installation steps for the mattress encasements:

  1. Purchase a mattress encasement per your mattress or sofa size requirements
  2. (optional, but highly recommended) Before use, machine wash your new product as per the CARE INSTRUCTIONS provided
  3. Remove any sheets or other accessories on your mattress/sleeper sofa.
  4. Apply your new mattress/sleeper sofa encasement to your mattress or sofa. Be sure to zip up the sides and apply the velcro patch over the zipper. Add any of your mattress accessories such as a mattress topper and your sheets over the encasement.


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